Book Signings – here we go again

With the new book (“The Cleveland Creep”) now out and making its rounds through the bookstores, I’m making my rounds too.  This past Monday I visited the Mystery Bookshop’s Festival of Authors in Oakmont, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh, right smack on the Allegheny River).  I’ve signed at Richard and Mary Alice’s shop many times over the years, but this get-together was a REAL festival—approximately eighty mystery authors, most of whom I’d not met before.  I had a good time getting to know them—and of course signing books.

Then on Saturday I did my first current local signing, at Barnes and Noble in Woodmere Village, Ohio.  I was thrilled and delighted that so many people I knew personally showed up on a sunny afternoon to say hello and to cheer me on—especially two who’ve actually inspired me.  One was long-time friend Jane Bauschard, whose imagination laid the groundwork for one of my earlier novels, “Collision Bend,” and Carli Cichocki, who inspired me to create the character of Carli Wysocki in “Creep.”  Several book-buyers asked her to autograph my book, too—so I’ve turned her into a celebrity whether she likes it or not.  But it’s amazking how many people I know have actually HELPED me write, just by talking to me.

This coming week will be even morehectic.  I’ll be on the Lanigan and Malone radio show on WMJI-FM (105.7) in Greater Cleveland during the 8 A.M. segment on Friday, May 13.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been on that show—but I’ve mentioned Milan Jacovich listening to it in almost all of my Cleveland-based books—which is probably WHY they keep inviting me back!  Then I must rush over to WVIZ-TV downtown to tape a segment of Dick Feagler’s weekly TV show.  Later, I’ll be signing at the Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls ,Ohio at 7 P.M.  The next evening, Saturday 5/14, I’ll be at the Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson, Ohio.

Whew!  Book signings are always exciting and fun for me, and terrific to meet so many different people.  However, whenever I’m out promoting a new book, I can’t help thinking to myself: “Why am I not home—WRITING????”

Well, I guess I’d better start doing that right now.

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