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Number 26

My 26th book is out and available! Looking back on my career, it astonishes me that I’ve been able to write 26 books in 24 years. There’d probably be a few more if I hadn’t taken time out to recuperate from several serious medical problems. But “THE STRANGE DEATH OF FATHER CANDY” is only the second non-series book I’ve done. It was a nice change of pace for me. It will remain a stand-alone, though—I’ll probably write no more adventures of Dominick Candiotti; when you finish reading the book, you’ll probably understand why. I blogged a few months back about ideas—where they come from and what I do with them. So I can report that I’m nearly finished with the next Milan Jacovich novel, and there are two more cooking inside my head that I’ll dive into next. That means, assuming I can still sit up straight, that there’ll be at least one book per year for the next three years, through 2014. And by that time, I assure you I’ll have a couple more great ideas for novels perking away, begging to be free. So hang in there with me, dear friends. I’ve always needed you, and greatly appreciate… Continue reading

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New Books

The Strange Death of Father Candy The Cleveland Creep  

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It’s Time to Get Busy

I want to remind everyone that in the next few weeks I’ll be doing several signings for my new stand-alone novel, “The Strange Death of Father Candy.” No, this one is NOT about Milan Jacovich. Every so often I have the urge to write a mystery novel that doesn’t fit into the Cleveland Private Eye format I’ve developed over the last quarter century—and “Father Candy” is one of them. I always love meeting people at these talks/signings, and hope you’ll be able to join me at one of them. (#1) I’ll be doing my first signing at Fireside Book SHop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 28th. (#2) On Monday, October 31 (BOO!) I’ll be at the Mystery Lovers Book Shop in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. (Oakmont is a suburb of Pittsburgh.) (#3)I’ll be at the Cleveland Store in Tower City, downtown Cleveland, from 12 until 2 pm on Friday, November 4th. (#4) My all-day gig will be at the fantastic Buckeye Book Fair (along with more than 80 other writers) in Wooster, Ohio on Saturday, November 5th. It’s quite an event—I’ve been there at least fifteen times before. (#5) On November 7th, I hope everyone in the… Continue reading

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My Near-Future

In a blog I wrote some months ago, I mentioned that I get up to twenty new story ideas every day, but the ones that stick to my soul, that take up residence in my gut and demand to be let out are the ones that eventually turn into books. At the moment I’m overjoyed! As soon as I finish writing the mystery novel now in progress, there are two others just WAITING to come alive on a page. When I’m writing a book—and I always am—I’m cooking the next one in my head. Now I’m cooking two of them. The first was an idea brought to me by someone else, an idea so good that he’ll actually be contributing to writing the book with me. Now, we won’t sit in a room together and argue every sentence—there’s no way I could do that without killing the person on the other side of the desk. But he has already sent me some great plot twists and characters, based on his own profession, and I’m really anxious to get started—just as soon as I finish my current project. Then, two weeks ago, I was idly reading news reports on the Internet… Continue reading

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I’m Obscenely Rich!!!

This morning I got an email from somebody in Nigeria, telling me that out of the goodness of his heart (He’s dying) he’s transferring to me the sum of $4.9 million dollars. Fascinating, no? Except that at least twice a week I get emails from different people in Nigeria, and sometimes from other countries—and they always seem to be dying—offering me absurdly large amounts of money. If I add all those sums together, I wouldn’t be as rich as J.K. Rowling (the author of “Harry Potter,” in case you didn’t know), or not as rich as Oprah, either—but I would be sitting on approximately $120 million in the bank. These good-hearted samaritans always want me to send them a piddling amount of money for “processing.” Sometimes $54, sometimes as much as $250—and I should also send them my name, address, social security number, bank account number, etc. I have a few questions, though: #1 – If they are all from Nigeria, which is NOT a wealthy country, why don’t they give their money to people who live next door or down the street instead of to someone they never heard of who lives in Ohio? #2 – If they’re so… Continue reading

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Rainy, cold and gray

This weekend, the first one in October, is godawful here in NE Ohio, the kind of weekend you don’t want to stick your nose out the door. I’m moving all my polo shirts and Hawaiian shirts from my bedroom closet to the one in my spare room, replacing them with all the sweaters, flannels, jackets, fleeces and hoodies I put away in April and haven’t even looked at since. Out the window is my first look in some time at what lies ahead of us for the next six or seven months. Yet a cold, nasty day makes me joyful! No more nice sunny days on which to go out, walk around, attend the ethnic festivals I enjoy so much, or even watching a ballgame at Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland. (Actually, like everyone else here, I think of it as “The Jake,” which is what everyone called Jacobs Field beefore its name was changed.) Now, with no burning desire to go anywhere, I am more inspired to STAY HOME AND WRITE! Not that I ever miss a day, even if I have only an hour in which to sit at my keyboard and NOT mess around with Facebook. But… Continue reading

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