Number 26

My 26th book is out and available! Looking back on my career, it astonishes me that I’ve been able to write 26 books in 24 years. There’d probably be a few more if I hadn’t taken time out to recuperate from several serious medical problems. But “THE STRANGE DEATH OF FATHER CANDY” is only the second non-series book I’ve done. It was a nice change of pace for me. It will remain a stand-alone, though—I’ll probably write no more adventures of Dominick Candiotti; when you finish reading the book, you’ll probably understand why.

I blogged a few months back about ideas—where they come from and what I do with them. So I can report that I’m nearly finished with the next Milan Jacovich novel, and there are two more cooking inside my head that I’ll dive into next. That means, assuming I can still sit up straight, that there’ll be at least one book per year for the next three years, through 2014. And by that time, I assure you I’ll have a couple more great ideas for novels perking away, begging to be free. So hang in there with me, dear friends. I’ve always needed you, and greatly appreciate your support.

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