Win, Place or Die

It is now official!  The title for my latest book featuring Milan Jacovich, Kevin O’Bannion (“K.O.”), Detective Sergeant Tobe Blaine, and Carli Wysocki is “WIN, PLACE or DIE.”  It will be available in June.

This one was written with the help of Dan S. Kennedy, and much of it takes place in the fictional harness racing facility I call “Northcoast Downs.”  Dan is himself a horse owner and harness race driver,  and his help and his finishing touches really made this one come to life—so much so that you’ll find the authors to be “LES ROBERTS with DAN S. KENNEDY.”  We didn’t “collaborate,” as I’ve never done that; he didn’t look over my shoulder as I typed.  But he brought me the idea, he supplied me with a four-inch thick stack of material about the sport and the people in it,  he wrote mini-biographies of many of the characters in the harness racing business that I included in the book, he went over everything I’d written and pointed out when and where I screwed up (did you know that in harness racing, they aren’t called “jockeys,” but “drivers,” and they don’t wear “silks,” they wear “colors”), and he allowed me the thrill of spending a lot of time in the backstretch.  I LOVED being with the horses, playing with them and feeding them carrots, one-on-one.

So keep your eye peeled for “WIN, PLACE or DIE” in June.

And for those of you who liked my NON-Milan Jacovich novel from 2011, “The Strange Death of Father Candy,” you might be pleased to know that I’m currently finishing up a SEQUEL to that novel in which I bring back protagonist Dominick Candiotti for a very different kind of adventure.  I know the new title, naturally—but I’m not going to mention it just yet.  Hey, EVERYBODY has secrets, don’t they?




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4 Responses to Win, Place or Die

  1. Fran Rendulic says:

    It’s not too late to donate a signed book to Rostraver Public Library at 700 Plaza Drive, Belle Vernobn, PA 15012 for the August 23 Dinner/Auction at the Willow Room. I sent you a letter but it came back.
    Thank you. Fran Rendulic

  2. Cathy Watterson says:

    I’m an avid Milan fan; even your other character series. But as a transplanted Clevlander, like you, I love the Cleveland references! Wondering if I’m in the next book, as the ” winner” of the live auction honor at a NOAS event in 2012. Remember we discussed a realtor??

    • Les Roberts says:

      When I read your post a few weeks ago, I had completely forgotten that I already USED your name as a character in the 2012 Milan Jacovich book, “Win, Place or Die.” I certainly remember our meeting, but it just slipped my mind that I already used your name, as I’ve written 2 1/2 books since. It’s a pretty important character, too. So I can’t really use it again in the one I’m writing, now. Best, Les