Help name the dog in my next book—Vote Now!



9781938441240I need your help.

There is a dog in my next Milan Jacovich novel, Win, Place, or Die, who needs a name.

The dog is a strange-looking fella with short legs and a chunky body (like a Welsh corgi) and a head like a wolf (well, more like a German shepherd). His name used to be “Booger” but for reasons I won’t divulge right now, he needs a new name.

With suggestions from local animal organizations, I’ve put together a list of names and I’m asking you to vote for your favorite:

There’s a little backstory to each of the names:

  • Savvy is named for a special dog at his facility. He can do about 25 tricks including playing the piano and moonwalking!
  • Herbie is named for a special dog at his facility;
  • Watson reminds us of Sherlock Holmes’ friend, Dr Watson;
  • Eliot is the first name of legendary law enforcement agent Eliot Ness;
  • Marlowe refers to Philip Marlowe, fictional detective from the popular Raymond Chandler novels

The name with the most votes at 5:00 pm on Thur May 23, 2013 will be declared the winner.

Petco logoAs an added bonus, a $200 donation from the Petco Foundation will be given to the animal organization attached to the winning name.

Vote today, and please share with all your friends!

Also, you can now pre-order Win, Place, or Die on and


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24 Responses to Help name the dog in my next book—Vote Now!

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  2. Amanda nolan says:

    Herbie most definitely! Name him after the beautiful Herbie, who died recently after his long battle against abuse!

  3. amy says:

    please use herbie, he was loved by so many. he touched us dearly. he has created a wonderful chain reaction for many of us

  4. carolyn berry says:

    Herbie was a very special dog. he was found tied up, abandoned, beaten in the head, half-starved. He was taken to the vet and treated, and loved. sadly, he also had cancer and passed recently. he has his own fb page of devoted “Herbadores” who cross-post dogs in need there.

  5. Stephanie Edmonds says:

    Please, please, please use Herbie’s name. His memory will live on forever….he was such a special dog and touched so many hearts in his short time with us.

  6. martie13 says:

    Vote for Herbie! An inspiration for many, read his story on the FB page “Justice for Herbie, the Abused Lorain, Ohio Dog”

  7. Janine says:

    Use Herbie Dr Broz is great !!

  8. Beth Bernabei says:

    Please choose HERBIE….he was an abandoned, abused, neglected. Dog from Lorain Ohio.. he was saved by Doc Rick Broz , a police officer and animal advocate in Lorain Ohio…Herbie’s compelling journey can be found on his FB page titled Herbie The Abused Lorain Ohio Dog….although Herbie’s time on earth was short, he has inspired over 15,000 individuals to unite for a common cause……His story exemplifies compassion, heartache, awareness, death, happiness and hope…….Herbie planted a “seed”‘. Which has now become a beautiful orchard, of a loving family of Herbadores doing his work and being his ” voice”……

    • Kelly Dunlap says:

      you said it very well….I still tear up when I think of Herbie I’m glad he found love more then he could have ever imagined.

  9. Jill says:

    Herbie should be chosen because he represents a will to live and conquer. Even though he could not see or hear he still had the love and compassion to love and trust Doc even after other humans had put him through hell. He has also brought a world full of people together to create one big “Herbadore” family.

  10. lori kruszynski says:

    Herbie… no questions asked. God bless him. He is at Rainbow Bridge now where he was welcomed with open arms (paws) by all his guardian angels. Rest in peace precious Herbie.

  11. Connie says:

    Please use Herbie. He was a very special baby boy that endured the most horrific abuse possible. He lost his life because of it. I think of him all the time. He left a very special place in my heart. He touched the lives of so many.

  12. Kelly Dunlap says:

    HERBIE for sure he brought so many people from around the world together and Herbie one small sweet boy showed that a dog that has gone through such bad animal abuse can be loved by not just one but by many.

  13. Kathleen Shafer says:

    Herbie became loved by so many across the world. He had a short time with us, but he has brought together people to rescue and spread the word of animal cruelty. Herbie has changed many lives and I will always love and cherish the time he was here with us… Love you sweet handsome boy…

  14. Lisa Rittenhouse says:

    Herbie’s story changed my life forever. Please use his name in remembrance of a beloved dog who received so much love in a very short period of time.

  15. Tracy Over says:

    I vote for Herbie!

  16. Piia says:

    Herbie for the win! Love Herbie, Herbadores and Doc Ric Broz!

  17. linda leger says:

    Herbie no question ask…

  18. Beth Bernabei says:

    Herbie had the honor to meet Dick Goddard,who is an advocate for tougher laws against animal abuse…he also was interviewed with Doc by newscasters in this area…..he touch so many lives in his short time…yet remains “alive”. In so many hearts…miss you Herbie

  19. crissy n says:

    Herbie!!!! he deserves this!

  20. darren says:

    How about “Polly”

  21. Nikki Capasso says:

    In memory of Herbie.

  22. Judy says:

    Praying Herbie won – he was such a special dog and loved by so many even though we never met him.