Hudson Library Kick-off

I am pleased to report that I’ll be “kicking off” my promotional season for my latest Milan Jacovich novel, “Win, Place or Die,” at the Hudson Library in the “First and Main” complex in Hudson Ohio (just off Ohio Rte 91 and Ohio Rte 303) this coming Saturday, August 3rd, at 3 p.m. It’s my “local library,” just minutes away from where I live (I probably visit this library at least thirty times per year), and two blocks from the Learned Owl Bookstore on Ohio 91. Learned Owl is producing this event.

You’ve heard the horse-racing expression, “Win, Place or Show.” Well, the setting for this novel is at a harness racing track—and if the title intrigues you, I’m sure you know why I chose it. (Fictional characters sometimes die in my books.)

I’m excited that Dan S. Kennedy, my collaborator on the mystery novel, will be there as well—and we’ll BOTH be signing. Dan is an owner and harness racing driver, and brought me much background material I used when writing the book; he vetted everything I wrote on the subject and pointed out to me where I was completely off base. (“They aren’t called JOCKEYS in harness racing, they’re called DRIVERS. And they don’t wear SILKS; they wear COLORS.”) He also invited me several times to visit “backside” at the track—where customers don’t usually go, because that’s where the horses—and those who care for them and train them—live. Dan is also a hugely successful marketing guy and has written several non-fiction books on that subject (you can find them on the library shelves). I very much enjoyed working with him on this project, and hope we can do it again sometime on another book.

I’m sure you’ll recognize one of the characters in the book as being patterned after Dan himself; fiction writers don’t HAVE “accidents.”

So—start off your Saturday coming by to say hello at the Hudson Library Saturday afternoon at 3 pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

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