Chagrin Falls

I’ve used the charming city of Chagrin Falls OH several times as a setting for scenes from my books. (After all, ya gotta set a scene SOMEWHERE!) For those of you who have never been there, it’s a charming place—scenic, vibrant, beautiful. I urge you to visit—and bring a camera.

This Saturday, August 10, I’ll be doing a signing—and chat with the people—at the Fireside Book Shop, right on the main street, from 1-3 p.m. This might be my 25th appearance at the Fireside—I’ve lost count. The Fireside is one of those colorful, delightful old-fashioned bookstores—a BROWSING sort of place and NOT a book super mart. It is literally about 35 steps from what gave the city its name—the waterfalls. And perhaps twenty more steps will find you at the historic Popcorn Shop. I’d bet the farm that you’ll see many people strolling the street licking on ice cream cones they bought at the Popcorn Shop.

Also, the superb comedian Tim Conway (back when he was TOM Conway) grew up in Chagrin Falls.

Again, within a two-block stretch there are several excellent places to eat, many elegant shops, a lovely fall-side park—the kind of setting that’s devoid of the ubiquitous “chain” stores and restaurants you’ll find almost everywhere else in America.

Naturally I’d love it if you’d drop into and say hello—and love it even more if you buy one (or two,or ten) of my books, too. But I guarantee you’ll enjoy Chagrin Falls.

Once more:The Fireside Book Shop, 1-3 p.m.on Saturday, August 10. See you then.!

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  1. Toni Esser says:

    Hi Les, I’d love to come to the book signing on Saturday, but I have other plans. I enjoy reading your books (especially about Milan). Keep on writing and I’ll keep on buying. Thanks again for your memorable writing. Maybe I can meet you at another signing. Thanks…….Toni Esser