Come Help me Honor Herbie, the Courageous Pitbull, this Sun 8/25

If you recall, last spring I held a contest to “Name the Dog” in my newest book, Win, Place, or Die. The winning name was “Herbie.”

Friendship Animal Protective League suggested the name in honor of a very special real dog named Herbie– an abandoned and brutally injured animal who was rescued and lovingly cared for by a Lorain County police officer, Rick Broz. Sadly, Herbie passed away from cancer last March.

This weekend, our friends from the Petco Foundation will present a donation to Friendship APL– to reward them for suggesting the winning name and to honor Herbie. Everyone is invited to attend and I hope you’ll join me at the store. Here’s when and where:

Date: Sunday August 25 (this Sunday!)
Time: 2 pm
Place: Petco; 35860 Chester Rd; Avon, Ohio

As you know, ending animal abuse is one of my own personal causes and something I feel very strongly about. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Herbie’s name in my novel and I thank all the participants in the “Name the Dog” contest for making this possible.

See you on Sunday!

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2 Responses to Come Help me Honor Herbie, the Courageous Pitbull, this Sun 8/25

  1. martie13 says:

    Thank you Mr. Roberts for choosing to honor Herbie by using his name in your book, and thank you Friendship APL for suggesting it. I am also thankful that Petco is rewarding Friendship APL with a donation and for honoring Herbie. But a special thank you to Rick Boz for caring for Herbie and showing him the love that he missed and deserved in his short life. Herbie became and remains an inspiration to all the lives he touches with his story. Herbie’s legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

  2. Les Roberts says:

    Martie – as you might know from my books, I’m a pretty tough guy (not physically). And the “Name the Dog” ccntest sounded like fun—but when I heard Herbie’s REAL story and how Officer Broz showed him love and allowed him to pass away in peace really got me all choked up, and I’m very happy that my fictional “Herbie” not only made it into “Win, Place or DIe,” but will hang around in my work in the future. As I grow older, I become more and more of an animal lover and animal activist. I hope you can come by on Sunday and meet me AND Rick Broz.

    Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

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