Auction this weekend

Hey—just want to alert everyone in NE Ohio that the auction to benefit TV station WVIZ, the PBS affiliate, begins today and will run through Sunday(locally Channel 25). I’m pleased they’ve asked me to drop by on Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m. as a “guest auctioneer,” so I’m hoping that everyone tunes in and buys SOMETHING—if not from me, from one of the many other auctioneers who’ll be in front of the camera all weekend. WVIZ also has a huge staff of volunteers to make this large and very busy auction successful, from answering the phones to setting out props and prizes to getting coffee!!! Public radio airs shows we’d never see anywhere else—and they do it without commercials, too—so everything you do can certainly help. And remember, since there ARE no commercials, stations like this, both on radio and TV, run only with YOUR help. That’s why they call it “PUBLIC Broadcasting.”
This might be the fifteenth auction I’ve appeared on—always an enjoyable day.

Have a great weekend, watch, buy, enjoy.

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