Jumping the Shark

One of the weekly TV crime shows I’ve always enjoyed is “Castle” on ABC. Certainly the premise of having a famous mystery writer hang around a New York precinct all day every day and help the police department solve crimes is bizarre in itself—but still fun. For me, the writer character, Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, is pleasant enough (and hits home for MY career in a few spots), and his romantic co-star, a VERY tough New York homicide cop, is played by the beautiful Stana Katic—and I can look at her endlessly.
So one can watch the show with a suspension of disbelief and have a good time with it. I do, although I always record it on Mondays and watch it later in the week.
Until this week, when “Castle” has “JUMPED THE SHARK.”
The more-or-less preserved body of a mob boss dead for 35 years is found buried in concrete in an old building, and the police have to find out who murdered him one-third of a century earlier. The one with all the answers, apparently, is his Number Two guy back in the day—but he doesn’t want to talk to the cops because apparently he is still “living” in the 1970s.
So how do Castle and the police figure out how to get him to talk? They redecorate the precinct to LOOK like the 1970s, led by Castle’s actress-MOTHER (for God’s sake), and oner actors are hired to pretend they are cops and hookers and shoplifters and to dress in vintage costumes so they’ll look like they are living in the same period. The two supporting cops on the show actually dress up to resemble Starsky and Hutch (the original ones), and even have the bright red power car to go with it.
There’s another Mafia crime boss from that period who’s running around, too—and he is referred to as “Louie the Lip.”
So I am sadly going to wave buh-bye to the exquisite Stana Katic, reset my TV to no longer record “Castle,” and will look around for something better to replace it. Eagerly anticipating “Black Box,” starring the legendary Vanessa Redgrave. If not, there are other shows to record—or perhaps I’ll find something else to do with my time—like write another book.
The shark has been jumped!

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4 Responses to Jumping the Shark

  1. The next show was almost as bad. SPOILER:


    Beckett gets captured by two pro assassins, but fools them, then grabs one of their guns, and shoots them both. Then she finds a secret MacGuffin that defeats a Senator Bracken (but was never used before, or even mentioned).

    They might as well have had her use Harry Potter’s wand.

    Also, Castle has gained so much weight he looks silly paired with the thin, hot Beckett — and looks absurd lumbering around in the action adventure scenes.

    My ability to suspend disbelief has limits, and Castle has exceeded them. It’s a subjective thing, of course.

    It’s been a great show, and I look forward to watching the marriage scene. But that probably it, unless they re-energize the show.

  2. john kohout says:

    Hey yo Les:
    I’m sorry I missed that episode since I’m still living in the 70’s myself.
    John “Columbo” Kohout

  3. Actually I was thinking the same but I stuck with it since Castle is filled with these episodes where it all went crazy and for the most part I was able to enjoy it until the first episode of season 7. What they did there is just utterly ridiculous. And it has prevented me from watching Castle.