Something to Look Forward To

Bye-bye winter—finally. FINALLY! Here I am, two days from Memorial Day, the pool just outside my office window is open for my neighbors, pale-skinned sunbathers who’d been SURE they would be tanned by now are delicately slathering themselves with suntan oil, and kids are screaming each time they jump into the shallow end. And the Canada geese I feed every morning, even in winter, are now arriving for breakfast with their five yellow babies.

I’m NOT a sun person, per se, but I’m really jazzed that summer is so close, because my next novel, “WET WORK,” will be on the shelves in August. (My THIRTIETH book! YIKES!!!)

For you readers who love my long-running Milan Jacovich fictional private eye, I hasten to tell you it is NOT a Milan adventure, but one featuring Dominick Candiotti. Dominick was my protagonist in the 2011 thriller, “The Strange Death of Father Candy,” set in Youngstown, Ohio in the year 1985. I wrote it as a” stand-alone,” i.e. I didn’t plan a new ongoing series. Dominick was not the pleasantest guy in the world, and I figured what when I typed THE END, I’d not see him again.

How was I to know I’d get at least 100 emails and Facebook messages, a few snail-mail letters, some phone calls, and even being stopped in a supermarket or a restaurant, all with the same question: “When are you bringing Dominick back?”

So—here is “WET WORK.” It’s not set in Youngstown, but in Philadelphia. Indianapolis. Mexico. Cleveland. Muncie, Indiana. Chicago. New Orleans. Denver. Near Asheville, North Carolina. The east coast of Florida. Saigon. Costa Rica. Dominick Candiotti’s new “career” takes him to many places. Some of them are sexy. Some of them are violent. The book is written in third person, where all of Milan’s scenes are done in first person. And even though the story takes place in 1990, politics crept its way in as it hardly ever does in Milan books.

Will Dominick be back again after “WET WORK?” We’ll have to see how much all of YOU readers like him. Milan, however, is never going away. His next case, again featuring K.O. and Tobe and Carli, is already finished and will show up early in 2015. The Milan Jacovich story after that is already in progress, and I have a few more Milan/K.O. ideas in my gut, scratching to get out.

And if you’re wondering about the “WET WORK” title—it pretty much sums up what Dominick Candiotti’s career is all about.

Enjoy—and have a terrific summer!

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11 Responses to Something to Look Forward To

  1. Jan Baylog-Tucker says:

    Les….how exciting to look forward to reading the many adventures of your characters. Can’t wait!
    My friends in Costa Rica have your books as well as Wash. D.C. area. I always let them know when your next planned books are able to be published. What a treat for all your fans!!! Have you planned any book signings? My friends tell me I am a “groupie”……really? At my age???

    • Les Roberts says:

      Jan, I welcome”groupies” of ANY age. You might have noticed, I’m just a teensy bit older than Justin Bieber. I think your Costa Rica friends will get a particular charge out of WET WORK, even though there are few places—Chicago and Cleveland, of course—in which we spend a LOT of time. For several years, though, I’ve fantasized about actually living in Costa Rica. Probably too late for me—but it sounds like Paradise.

      It’s pretty early to set up book signings just yet. Probably by July we’ll have a few in place, and I’ll definitely post them here and on Facebook.


  2. Toni Esser says:

    So excited about Wet Work. I read the first one two times, so I’d be ready for the second book. Thanks Les, can’t wait for it to be in the bookstores.

  3. My budget’s ready to buy four more books. Two Kindle copies, one of each new book because that’s the way I like to read them, and two paper copies because you can’t sign a Kindle. As a former Youngstown resident, I’m glad to see Dominick return and, of course, Milan’s an old friend of many, many people, including me. Keep it rolling!

  4. Ceil Knotts says:

    Les my Husband and I can’t wait for your new book to come out Wet Work ,we have everyone of your books. And enjoy reading them.
    But I was wondering if you ever thought to write about the new Casino in Cleveland some murder their or something ?

    • Les Roberts says:

      Hi, Ceil –

      I had a brief moment when I considered a murder in the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, but scrapped the idea. There have been a gazillion books and films already about the casinos in Nevada and in Atlantic City,and Ididn’t want to be one more in the pack. Besides which, I haven’t been in the casino since it opened, nor have I been in the casinos in the two local race tracks here, Northfield Park and Thistledown. As amateur of fact, I’m not much of a gambler at all. Back in the 60s and 70s when I worked in movies and TV in Los Angeles, I went to Las Vegan frequently, but it was just to see the great shows—=Sinatra, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles,Peggy Lee, Duke Ellington, Sammy Davis Jr., etc. I DID visit the casinos, but if I went for a weekend and lost thirty bucks, it was a BIG gambling weekend for me.

      Hope you’ll love WET WORK.


  5. John Spath says:

    I was wondering if he was going to reappear. After reading the first book, I felt there were more stories and unresolved issues that need to be told and resolved.

    • Les Roberts says:

      John – Depending on how well WET WORK will be received, I think Dominick Candiotti will be around for a while. Of course, Milan Jacovich will NEVER go away as long as I can sit up straight in front of my laptop.

  6. Lou Armagno says:

    Looking forward is great, but looking back isn’t to bad either! I picked up a copy of “Collision Bend” a few days ago off my book case. Truly one of my all-time Jacovich favorites. The best chapter (in my humble opinion) is the one where his current girl, Nicole Archer, reevaluates in a few minutes their relationship, herself, and that Milan (pronounced MY-lan 🙂 has taken up the case for his old flame Mary’s two-timing boyfriend. Then after she dumps him, she turns it around that he dumped her. It’s so aptly portrays the difference in male and female logic.

    The entire book is loaded with so many cliches, similes, idioms, not sure which is what, but one line makes it worth reading again and again: “You don’t want us to be a couple,” I repeated dully. The King of the Zombies. Classic Les Roberts!

    Thanks for a great read, again, Les!