A Most Wanted Movie

Now that September is bringing Northeast Ohio August heat, I’m beginning my round of book signings for the new one, WET WORK, featuring Dominick Candiotti. I’m working diligently, as I always do, but even a novelist has to sit back, relax, and do something else.

I’m a movie lover, and for the past eight years or so I see about one hundred films every year—IN THEATERS (not counting the more than 1,000 DVDs I have of great movies from the past). So, with Dominick on my mind, thinking about the next book I’ll write with him as the protagonist, I went to see a new film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Probably the best film actor to come along since Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, Hoffman’s life was cut short in February of this year, 2014, which saddened me greatly. He was superb in every role he’s played.

Still, there are several films we have yet to enjoy starring Hoffman, and the latest one is a spy film called A MOST WANTED MAN. Possibly his best performance EVER, along with the talented Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright. Don’t get a REAL “spy film” confused with the James Bond series, which are generally a lot of fun. I prefer Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as Bond—but I can’t possibly take the Bond films seriously. A MOST WANTED MAN shows us how spying REALLY works—and for me, this is the best spy movie since THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, with Richard Burton from FIFTY years ago. I urge everyone to see Hoffman in A MOST WANTED MAN.

But it got me to thinking hard about my next Dominick Candiotti thriller. In his two previous books, THE STRANGE DEATH OF FATHER CANDY and WET WORK, Dominick morphed from a Vietnam assassin wreaking revenge for the death of his priest brother to a civilian assassin, a hunter who becomes the hunted. Maybe the next one—and I have a few months before I start writing it—should turn him into a reluctant spy.

What do YOU think?

Stay cool….

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3 Responses to A Most Wanted Movie

  1. Anna Greenfield says:

    I will give my opinion after I read “WetWorks”.

  2. Jan says:

    Les….just bought your newest book “WetWorks” – looking forward to the exciting actions of Candiotti….love waiting for your next story about him also – interesting character. Jan Baylog – a long term fan!!

  3. I have read “Wet Works”. Good tale, some surprise turns, left the door open for the future. Glad to be reading about Dominic in the proper order.

    I had read all the Milan books as i found them but am now re-reading them in the proper order. Makes better sense and I understand references to past events described in prior books.

    I have noticed a few words I needed to look up for complete understanding, such as “ecru” and the various Slovenian foods.

    I was telling my brother about the Milan series and to my surprise he told me that he has read all the Milan series. Who knew?