Milan and Dominick won’t ever be Buddies

Even though my latest novel, “Wet Work,” has only been out for three weeks, many of my fans and friends have already read it. Some have commented that Dominick Candiotii, for a protagonist, is about as far away from Milan Jacovich as one can get. They also wonder why, after seventeen Milan novels, I’ve switched over from Mystery to Thriller.

I have NOT “switched.” I’ve expanded. As long as I can sit up straight in front of a laptop, I won’t stop writing Milan. BUT—everyone likes pizza, right? Me, too. How would you like to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the rest of your life? After twenty-five years writing mostly Milan books, I urged to do something a bit different. “The Strange Death of Father Candy” was published in 2011 as what I planned to be a “stand-alone,” i.e. NOT the beginning of a second series.But too many people contacted me to ask when Dominick Candiotti would return—so I wrote “Wet Work” as a sequel, and had a ball doing it. I decided, with my publisher, Gray and Company, that I’d continue writing TWO series instead of one.

The two protagonists are very different. Milan Jacovich, Slovenian-American working in the present day in Greater Cleveland, is a quiet, decent guy about sixty years old, surrounded by friends, lovers, and acquaintances. He’s a gentle man until he’s pushed—and pushing a guy six foot three, two hundred thirty pounds, is NOT a good idea. Many of my readers love him as though he were a real person they could have as beer with. Dominck Candiotti, from an Italian family in Youngstown, began his on-page life in the year 1985, exacting terrible revenge for the death of his older priest-brother. He has no friends, no remaining family, he’s not a big talker,. and when forced to, he can kill without much compunction. In “Wet Work” he finds himself all over the country—and the world—and he knows MANY different ways to kill you.

Dominick Candiotti and Milan Jacovich would probably never become friends. Milan, naturally, is MY best friend, and has been since 1987—and Dominick knowns how to elbow his way into his creator’s good graces, too.

My next Milan (#18) is finished. I’m halfway through Milan #19—and the next Dominick adventure, more spy than anything else, is scratching inside my gut demanding to be let out.

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3 Responses to Milan and Dominick won’t ever be Buddies

  1. Jan Baylog says:

    Les…..I am happy to read anything that comes out that creative mind of yours….just love reading stories about Milan and I am intrigued with reading more books on Dominick and his adventures.
    Wow! keep it going. Jan Martinez-Baylog

  2. Having just posted an Amazon five star rating for Wet Work and eagerly awaiting the next Milan Jacovich novel, I sure hope you don’t ever change your mind and have both Milan and Dominick co-star in the same story. As a youngster, I read all the Oz books and looked forward to the Perry Mason mysteries but if Perry and the Wizard of Oz were in the same novel, I would have looked for something else. The way you’ve developed the two characters is great. Like wine and beer, Milan and Dominick should stand alone. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Thanks!

  3. Les Roberts says:

    David – No, it’d be very weird to put Milan and Dominick in the same story. First of all, the Dominick series is set (currently) in approximately 1990, and of course Milan and K.O. are present-day characters. Secondly, not only would their personalities clash, but their ethics would butt heads as well. I SO appreciate your rating WET WORK on Amazon. Many thanks.