Wet Work- The Movie; Who Should Play Dominick?

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Ryan Gosling

With the tremendous popularity of three thriller films that have been released in the last two weeks—“The Equalizer,” “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” and best of all, “Gone Girl,” I was reminded that since my new suspense novel Wet Work appeared about a month ago, everyone’s been asking me what actor I would prefer playing the protagonist, Dominick Candiotti, just in case someone wants to pay me six figures for turning it into a movie.

I know many of you have asked who I’d like to play Milan Jacovich on film a few years ago, and I’ve always said my first choice was Robert Mitchum, who is of course no longer with us—and if he were still alive he’d be approximately 97 years old. With Dominick, my first thought again was a deceased actor of more recent vintage, Heath Ledger, who’d be in his mid-forties by now. Since that is just a pipe dream, I thought carefully about who WOULD be great as the steely, take-no-prisoners Dominick Candiotti.

I’ve come up with Ryan Gosling.

Gosling made his big splash in a syrupy romantic film, “The Notebook,” but I always think of him in the frighteningly brutal and take-your-breath-away action film of a few years ago, simply entitled “Drive.” I’ll never forget the nightmarish scene with him and a gun-toting killer in an elevator.

Maybe I’ve forgotten someone, though, and I’d love to hear from all of you who’ve read the book and might have some other ideas. (and if you HAVEN’T read the book yet—what are you waiting for?

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4 Responses to Wet Work- The Movie; Who Should Play Dominick?

  1. Teresa Fatica/Crowley says:

    Mark Walhberg

    • Les Roberts says:

      Teresa – I try to go for more unusual names in all my books. I knew somebody named Fatica about eighteen years ago (was that YOU???) so the name popped into my head. Yep, there’s a new Milan already finished, hopefully to appear in early spring next year—and ANOTHER Milan about half-done.

  2. Teresa Fatica/Crowley says:

    Ok, the first chapter or so I was a little skeptical of the book. Mainly because I didn’t want Dominick to be a badguy. As I got further into the book I’m really liking it. Now as for Annetts last name I never expected to see my maiden name in a book, it is not your common name such as Smith or Jones. I think it would be a good movie. Is there a Milan in making? Hope so I miss him. LoL