Who do YOU think should play Dominick in the movies?

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg- Holly’s pick

Last week I posted that if they ever made a film out of  WET WORK  (from my lips to God’s ear), I would choose Ryan Gosling to play the pivotal role of Dominick Candiotti.

However, when my significant other, Holly, read the post, we had quite a discussion over HER opinion of who should star in the movie. I thought it over carefully—and while I’m still a huge Gosling fan, I realize that I greatly admire another actor who is quite used to playing in action-based and hardboiled movies, i.e. “The Fighter,” “Shooter,” “The Perfect Storm” and (Oscar-nominated) “The Departed.” His characters, while rough and hard, have much depth to them, and I’d be more than happy if he played Dominick Candiotti. I speak, naturally, of Mark Wahlberg.

ryan gosling.1

Ryan Gosling- my pick

So now I’m reaching out to YOU. Send me your suggestion for who should play Dominick in the movies. I’d love to hear from you.


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10 Responses to Who do YOU think should play Dominick in the movies?

  1. Toni Esser says:

    Les, you got a second vote here for Mark Wahlburg. Another might be Tom Cruise.

  2. Mary Anderson says:

    While I support both gentlemen, I also think Mark’s brother, Donnie Wahlberg, would also be awesome as would Hugh Jackman. Tom Cruise did a surprising good job as Reacher, which surprised me.

  3. Jim Steffner says:

    I’d go with Mark. That’s what I’d think he should look like.

  4. Lou Armagno says:

    Les, first wanted to say what a great read WET WORKS is! At first, I wasn’t liking Dominick (as a person), but as I read on you turned that around for me. A nice departure and different from the Mylan novels! Ya know, all those mentioned above would be great, and I think I’d prefer Ryan Gosling. But what do you think of Colin Farrell? I think he’d be a good match, too. Ciao Lou

  5. Okay. Would you consider thinking “out of the box?” How about an action star, his character the son of an Italian father and an African-American mother who could carry out the history of military veteran, discouraged with the system, and possessing a desire for justice when unsupported sometimes by the law?

    SHEMAR MOORE. from Criminal Minds.

  6. Incidentally, WET WORK in Swahili is: KAZI MVUA.

  7. Jan Deems says:

    Love your books – have always been a big fan and have read all of them. Haven’t read Wet Works yet but will. One comment please don’t let Tom Cruise play in the movie – he would ruin it. I agree with Holly’s pick of Mark Walberg. Good choice!!!!

  8. Rose Webb says:

    …definitely, Donnie Wahlberg…!