Look over your shoulder

Since most of my readers are very fond of my ongoing mystery series protagonist Milan Jacovich (thank goodness!)—seventeen titles so far and #18 finished and submitted to my publisher—and have accepted my newest crime-solving hero Dominick Candiotti (via “The Strange Death of Father Candy” and “Wet Work”), it got me to thinking about my very first mystery suspense hero, Saxon. Nope, no first name—just Saxon. Well, sure he has a first name—but I don’t know what it is. If I knew, I wouldn’t keep it from you. I even got one of those “What to Name the Baby” books. I started with Aaron Saxon, Abel Saxon, and ended with Zachary Saxon and Zebediah Saxon—but none of those first names seem to fit. So “Saxon-no-first-name” he has become.

Saxon was the main character in my very first prize-winning private eye novel,”An Infinite Number of Monkeys,” which truly kicked off my book-writing career. I went on to write five more Saxon adventures, all with animals in the title: “Not Enough Horses,” “A Carrot for the Donkey,” “Snake Oil,””Seeing the Elephant,”and “The Lemon Chicken Jones.” After the first two, I alternated Saxon with Milan until I moved to Greater Cleveland and decided I’d leave Saxon behind in Los Angeles.

I miss Saxon sometimes. He looked pretty much like I look—or how I DID look back when I was writing those books in the late eighties and early nineties. Saxon was more sophisticated than Milan, much more of a womanizer, drank the same Scotch I do (Laphroaig),and although smaller than Milan (He’s about 5’11”, Milan 6’3″) he has a much worse temper.

The Saxon books are long out of print (although I DO have a few hardcover copies available)—but if you’re interested in reading any or all of them, if only just to see how my writing has changed and grown in the past 27 years, they are ALL available as ebooks and can be purchased for your laptops and iPads and Nooks and Kindles, the same as you can get hold of Milan books (or just about anybody else’s,too). Look over your shoulder at the recent past—and there they are, some of my earlier literary works.

Just a quick hint: Even though at the time I had never met a murderer or known a murder victim, the fifth book in the Saxon series, “Seeing the Elephant,”is very autobiographical, and all the characters in the novel, which is set mostly in my own home town, Chicago, are based on the people I knew as a late teenager who helped me grow up to be—for better or worse—the adult I’ve become.

I’d love it if any of you decide to explore Saxon’s adventures—and if so, I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

It’s December:curl up with a good book(or several)and STAY WARM!

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4 Responses to Look over your shoulder

  1. Jim Modzelewski says:

    Les, I read all the Saxon books years ago and enjoyed them all very much! I have always hoped that one day you would treat us with another Saxon tale!

  2. les,i would like to purchase some of the saxon hardcovers

    • Les Roberts says:

      Bob – LOVELY news, thanks.

      Here are Saxon book prices—lower than those being asked by online book dealers. These books are all NEW.

      SNAKE OIL – $75

      Payments should be made to PAY PAL. Include $5.00 shipping and handling for each book.

      (Sorry, have no available hardcovers of “THE LEMON CHICKEN JONES”)

      Let me know which ones you want, and how you’d like them autographed, i.e. just a signature or “TO” someone, along with your mailing address. I will send them out as soon as I hear from PAY PAL.

      Happy Holidays.