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Christmas is almost here! Wow! I’m still eating Thanksgiving leftovers!


If you’re looking for last-minute stocking stuffers, I thought I’d remind you that I have twenty-nine books published over the past 25 years. All are ebooks as well, or can be bought or ordered from any bookstore—just in case your friends like mystery fiction.

I have several ORIGINAL hardbacks of some of my earlier books that are now out of print, both the Milan Jacovich/Cleveland novelsand the Saxon mysteries, dating back as far as 1987. The prices are higher than you’d pay in bookstores (if you could FIND any of them), but considerably lower than some of the online book dealers are charging.

Of course I’ll autograph ANY book, and inscribe it the way you want me to.

Below is a list of first-edition hardback novels that I am willing to part with. Most were published while I was still with St. Martin’s Press, and are in pristine condition. Please note that these are the last of their kind — once they are gone, it will be extremely difficult to find them again. Of course, you can always find copies of the Gray & Company trade paperback editions from both bricks-and-mortar and online bookstores. The books offered here are more for collectors and fans who must have the original editions. I hope these copies will find happy homes.

If you would like to purchase any of the titles listed below, please email me, using the words “Buy Book(s)” as your subject line. I’ll respond with instructions for making payment via PayPal, and send you your book(s) as soon as your payment has been received. All prices are firm, and payment will be accepted through PayPal only. If you would like your book personalized, please indicate your name (or the name of the person for whom it’s a gift) in your email. Don’t delay, buy now to make sure I’m under your tree Christmas morning.

A charge of $6.75 for shipping and handling will be added for each book ordered.

An Infinite Number of Monkeys (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 7 copies available — $125
A Carrot for the Donkey (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 3 available — $75
Snake Oil (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 4 available — $75
Seeing the Elephant (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 30 available — $75
Pepper Pike (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 5 available — $45
Full Cleveland (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 10 available — $45
The Duke of Cleveland (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 5 available — $45
Collision Bend (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 4 available — $45
Collision Bend (St. Martin’s Press), 2nd Printing, hardcover, 6 available — $25
The Cleveland Local (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 65 available — $35
The Best-Kept Secret (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 44 available — $35
The Indian Sign (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 41 available — $35
The Dutch (St. Martin’s Press), hardcover, 4 available — $45
A Carol for Cleveland (Cobham & Hatherton Press), hardcover, 2 available — $100A Carol for Cleveland was created as a limited edition (only 1050 copies were printed), beautifully bound and designed, and printed on elegant, rich paper, mainly for collectors. The story, of a man down on his luck and desperate at Christmastime in the middle of a recession was written in 1991, but is just as relevant today, if not more so. Almost all the copies sold out quickly that year, but I was fortunate enough to gain control of the rest a few years ago.


The Chinese Firedrill (Five Star), hardcover, 24 available — $30
The Scent of Spiced Oranges (Five Star), hardcover, 22 available — $30

But whatever you decide, I wish you the happiest holidays imaginable, and a SOARING New Year to celebrate every single day.



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