Time for a giveaway…

While waiting for the upcoming publication of the 18th Milan Jacovich Mystery, Ashtabula Hat Trick, you can enter the contest below for a chance to win a collection of three hardcover Milan Jacovich Mystery books:

Contest will end on Friday, February 20. Please feel free to share with a friend.

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Author, Internet and Radio Personality (www.greenlightreviews.com), Teacher, Critic, not a bad jazz piano player, Cleveland lover.
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7 Responses to Time for a giveaway…

  1. Peggy Ann Watson says:

    I already have all of your novels, but would like to win to share with friend.

  2. michael clark says:

    Crossing my fingers les !

  3. Connie Babcock says:

    I read many of your novels and just finished Wet Works. I had to make sure I read The Strange Death first! Will there be more in this series?

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    I too have all the Milan books in hard cover. However, if Les signs these three, I will gladly give mine to someone so they can enjoy the “Cleveland weather” while its hot and humid in Florida!

  5. Hilary Thornton says:

    I have enjoyed all of your books, read since I retired 4/30/2014! Can’t wait for Ashttabula Hat Trick.
    Can’t remembermhow I found you but glad I did. Gave books to my daughter who graduated from Hiram College in 1992 and she was delighted to see it mentioned in one of your books.
    Haven’t been able to find your older books.
    Keep writing!

    Thank you,
    Hilary Thornton, Avon, Oh

  6. Rose Webb says:

    …Hello, & thank you..Les Roberts for writing me into…” WET WORK “….page 7, ROSE, who loves to bake sweets ! Just so thrilled ! I attended one of your meet & greet library gatherings at…Shatto Ave., a few years ago…I finished reading ” WET WORK ,” recently…& am currently reading, ” WIN, PLACE, OR DIE. ” love to K.O. & Milan….I’m saving ” CLEVELAND CREEP ” for, later..Lol ! Hopefully, you are planning # 3 in the ” FATHER CANDIOTTI ” series……Many Blessings to You & Holly…..Yours truly, Rose A Webb….

  7. I have enjoyed all the Milan Jackovich books, plus your autobiographical book and one of your Father Candiotti books. All are excellent! I would love to have these hard-covered treasures, as I have read them all either borrowed from Westlake Porter Library or bought and downloaded onto my Kindle. My mother first turned me on to you as an author. I have been hooked ever since. If I win these books, I will prominently display them in my house.