Just In Time For Christmas

Just in time for the holidays—and after the holidays, too—I am offering for sale—many of my hardcover editions that are no longer in print, including some first-printing Milan Jacovich and Saxon books. You can find these Milans, Saxons, stand-alone novel, and a Christmas novella elsewhere with their original covers, but not autographed personally to you.
If you’d like to purchase any of the titles listed below, please email me at lesrobertswriter@sbcglobal.net, using the words “Buy Books” as your subject line. I’ll respond with instructions for making payment via PayPal, and send your books as soon as your payment has been received. All prices are firm, and payment will be accepted through PayPal only. If you want your book personalized, please indicate your name (or the person for whom it’s a gift) in your email. A charge of $6.75 for shipping and handling will be added for each book offered.
Don’t delay, buy now to make sure I’m under your tree Christmas morning. There are limited quantities—so hurry and order while supplies last.
If you would like to purchase any of the titles listed below, please email me, using the words “Buy Book(s)” as your subject line. I’ll respond with instructions for making payment via PayPal, and send you your book(s) as soon as your payment has been received. All prices are firm, and payment will be accepted through PayPal only.
To see the original covers with their story descriptions, email me with the subject heading “Book Covers” and I will send you a document that you can open and view.
AN INFINITE NUMBER OF MONKEYS – My first novel ever, winning the first award as the Best First Private Eye Novel of the Year. It introduces Los Angeles actor/private eye Saxon as he tries to keep a famous hard-boiled mystery novelist from getting killed. (10 copies) $35.00
NOT ENOUGH HORSES – In my second novel, Saxon investigates the car-bomb killing of a street hustler, is nearly blown to bits himself, and finds a good friend in a homeless bewildered kid. (2 copies) $30.00
A CARROT FOR THE DONKEY – Saxon heads down to Tijuana to bring back the runaway teen-aged daughter of a powerful movie producer, butts heads with the Tijuana police and a famous bullfighter, and becomes entranced with a beautiful woman. (5 copies) $30.00
SNAKE OIL – Saxon accepts an assignment to follow the wife of his wealthy client to report on whether or not she’s being faithful. Instead, he finds the murdered body of her lover, a highly-paid expert in the business of drilling for oil in California. (4 copies) $30.00
SEEING THE ELEPHANT – Saxon returns to Chicago for the funeral of his best friend from his early adulthood, and crosses swords with gangsters, crooked politicians, and his own estranged father. This is probably the most autobiographical novel of my entire career. (30 copies) $25.00
THE LEMON CHICKEN JONES – An on-the-way-down nightclub comic hires Saxon to find his beautiful Chinese American wife who’s run off and left him. Saxon finds his way to the Sacramento Delta, a racist sheriff, and a dangerous climax aboard an elegant houseboat. (1 copy)
THE CHINESE FIRE DRILL – Expatriate novelist Anthony Holton goes to China to find a good friend who’s disappeared while looking for his elegant sailing boat, The Hong Kong Lady. A fugitive diamond smuggler, a young Chinese billionaire and an American mercenary who knows dozens of ways to kill a man stand in his way. (22 copies) $25.00
THE SCENT OF SPICED ORANGES – A collection of my own short stories, all having to do with murder, including salutes to the Brothers Grimm, Los Angeles private eye Saxon, and even Elvis Presley. (13 copies)
PEPPER PIKE – The debut Milan Jacovich novel, taking him to an upscale Cleveland suburb and a run-in with the local Mafia as he searches for a missing advertising executive with several mistresses and even more dangerous problems. (4 copies) $30.00
FULL CLEVELAND – A mob-owned upscale hotel hires Milan to find the publishers of an imaginary magazine who cheated them out of thousands of advertising dollars, and saddles Milan with an unwanted assistant—a hulking, violent ex-con named Buddy Bustamente. (5 copies) $30.00
DEEP SHAKER – Beginning on a snowy Sunday at a Browns-Steelers game, Milan tries to help the teen-aged son of one of his lifelong friends to extricate himself from a dangerous and violent local drug cartel. (1 copy) $35.00
COLLISION BEND – Milan’s ex-girlfriend begs him to clear the name of her current lover accused of the murder of one of the local up-and-coming TV news reporters. (10 copies) $30.00
THE DUKE OF CLEVELAND – A crooked, scamming ceramic artist is nowhere to be found, and his current teen-aged lover—daughter of a rich and powerful local mover-and-shaker—hires Milan to find him. (4 copies) $30.00
THE INDIAN SIGN – An elderly Native American from Michigan is found floating, with his throat cut, in the Cuyahoga River—with private eye Milan Jacovich’s business card in his pocket. A second case has Milan investigating poorly-made and dangerous toys for children. (31 copies) $25.00
THE CLEVELAND LOCAL – A young Cleveland attorney is gunned down while jogging on the beach in San Carlos, in the Caribbean. His sister, frustrated by the San Carlos police, approaches Milan Jacovich to discover who killed her brother. Milan’s best friend, Homicide Detective Marko Meglich, gets deeply involved, too. (22 copies) $25.00
THE BEST-KEPT SECRET – A young college freshman is anonymously accused of rape on a university campus, and a female professor is murdered. Milan Jacovich is dragged into the case. (24 copies) $25.00
A CAROL FOR CLEVELAND – A privately-published novella, elegantly printed and bound. Only 4 of the 1130 copies made are remaining. This holiday tale, which was adapted for the Cleveland Play House, finds an unemployed husband wandering the streets of Cleveland’s Public Square. He succumbs to a momentary illegal act that will haunt him throughout the Christmas season. (4 copies) $80.00

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