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Sneak Peek: Read Chapter Two from “Wet Work”

Chapter Two

Most people return from a stressful business trip with a certain relief, believing home is the best place there is, eager to be embraced and surrounded by the environment they created for themselves. But since Douglas didn’t really consider the airy, modern apartment on Massachusetts Avenue near Lockerbie Square and close to downtown Indianapolis his home, he experienced no infusion of good feelings or sudden rush of warmth or safety. Since he’d left Youngstown after college, gone to Vietnam, relocated to Chicago, and then gone on the move, he’d had no conception of home—just a series of dull apartments in cities to which his heart held no emotional ties.

The complex where he currently lived catered largely to the newly divorced, so he’d been able to rent the place fully furnished. The few personal objects scattered about—a year’s worth of hardcover books and some cassette tapes of classical music—were temporary; he’d chosen them with no thought of permanence. He could leave them tomorrow without a pang. He’d done it before, several times. Like the nomads of the desert, relocation was his way of life.

Douglas could afford no excess baggage, emotional or otherwise. He’d lived in six different places during the past five years, and when it came time to move to the next location—never his decision but always made for him—he left each city without so much as a backward glance or a twinge of nostalgia. They were all as one to Douglas—interchangeable movie multiplexes, interchangeable shopping malls, and interchangeable television news and weather personalities with sprayed hair and forced, insincere smiles.

The new names and identities, the new credit cards and passports and driver’s licenses, were mysteriously provided for him each time—and he didn’t ask questions. Questions were not part of the deal.

He was a temporary man. Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Read Chapter One from “Wet Work”

Chapter One

Eight o’clock mass on a gray, cold morning.

It was only early November, but the threat of snow hung above the muddy river and threatened the air outside St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, making the chilly worshippers wonder what had happened to autumn.

The blue-collar guys on their way to work, the construction laborers and warehousemen carrying their lunch pails, had already come to pray and then gone again. On weekdays they hit the early mass, the six o’clock. In the winter they’d arrive even before the sun was up. The eight o’clock service, traditionally less well attended, was perceived to be for the office workers, walking up the front steps of the church more briskly and with more confidence than the blue-collar crew, because they knew that whatever perils they’d face in the corridors of their workplaces that day, at least they wouldn’t fall off a steel I-beam ten stories up or have a three-ton crane drop on them.

The stay-at-home moms and older neighborhood widows clad in solemn black took advantage of the eight o’clock mass, too. The faithful didn’t quite fill one third of the old, dark church this Monday morning. That was why the tall man in the nondescript gray suit and topcoat had no problem fitting in without being noticed. Continue reading

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My new thriller, Wet Work, is now available for pre-order

Wet Work by Les Roberts
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Dominick Candiotti is a paid assassin for the shadowy Brownstone Agency, but he wants out. His anonymous boss turns the tables and assigns fellow agents to eliminate him. On the run, Candiotti tries to stay a step ahead of deadly pursuers while tracking down his nemesis boss and uncovering secrets from his own past. A gripping cat-and-mouse tale. Continue reading

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Something to Look Forward To

Bye-bye winter—finally. FINALLY! Here I am, two days from Memorial Day, the pool just outside my office window is open for my neighbors, pale-skinned sunbathers who’d been SURE they would be tanned by now are delicately slathering themselves with suntan oil, and kids are screaming each time they jump into the shallow end. And the Canada geese I feed every morning, even in winter, are now arriving for breakfast with their five yellow babies.

I’m NOT a sun person, per se, but I’m really jazzed that summer is so close, because my next novel, “WET WORK,” will be on the shelves in August. (My THIRTIETH book! YIKES!!!) Continue reading

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Jumping the Shark

One of the weekly TV crime shows I’ve always enjoyed is “Castle” on ABC. Certainly the premise of having a famous mystery writer hang around a New York precinct all day every day and help the police department solve crimes… Continue reading

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Auction this weekend

Hey—just want to alert everyone in NE Ohio that the auction to benefit TV station WVIZ, the PBS affiliate, begins today and will run through Sunday(locally Channel 25). I’m pleased they’ve asked me to drop by on Saturday between 3… Continue reading

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Talk about your legends….

Mickey Rooney has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. It started, naturally, with the movies. The Andy Hardy series. The musicals like “Girl Crazy,” with Judy Garland as his co-star. (“We don’t need a theater,… Continue reading

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One….Singular Sensation? It’s a great song from “A Chorus Line,” but I’m not talking about Broadway musicals. I’m talking about….LUNCH. There is a reason there are so many restaurants in the world. Almost everyone (who can afford it) “eats out”… Continue reading

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Doing “The Twist”

Nope, it’s not the 1960s dance I’m talking about. It’s the rollercoast twists and turns of a brilliantly conceived mystery play now showing at the Great Lakes Theater Festival – the Hanna Theater on E. 14th Street. It’s called “Deathtrap,”written… Continue reading

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The Man With the Golden Arm

Remember that book and/or movie? “The Man With the Golden Arm,” written by Nelson Algren back in the 1950s, was one of the early novels (A FANTASTIC read, by the way), and certainly THE first big-studio Hollywood movie (it starred… Continue reading

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